Business Content

Business Content

In the Philippines, many of Japanese companies succeeded in recent years.
Particularly noticeable are the positive business developments in electronic component industries and IT-related businesses, taking advantage of the intellectual labor force.
CPIP (Clark Premiere Industrial Park, Inc.) supported the launch of local Corporations for many of Japanese companies.
Japanese CPIP staff will support in accounting, audit, tax and many other range of services.

Expanding Business in the Philippines
  • Preparation before investing in the Philippines.

    1. CPIP will conduct a preliminary survey in advance and provide advice and suggestion in accordance to the Philippine investment law.
    2. Company formation and registration.
    3. Registration to the government agency for grant investment incentives.
    4. CPIP will assist foreign employees to get a permit-visa.
Getting used to Philippine way of living
    1. CPIP will help you search and secure residence, we will act as an agent.
    2. We will help our foreign clients to get an internet access, TV cable and other utilities to be arranged by appointed date.
    3. Assistance in purchasing of company cars and car rental agreement.
    4. Any other supports specific to your particular needs and requirements.
Setting-Up Business
    1. Introduction of credited Recruitment Agency for your company to secure skilled workforce.
    2. Introduction of local accounting firm.
    3. Introduction of local lawyers.
    4. Others: Travel arrangements during starting up of your business.
Philippines Clark Business Environment
  • Philippines attention in the “China + 1”.
    The Philippines, current ASEAN’s second largest population exceeding 100 million people, expected in securing a stable supply of young labor force in the future.
    It is also the 3rd English-speaking country in the world, which is convenient when setting up business in the country.
    Among the 700 industrial parks around the world, CDC is number one industrial park in terms of cost effectiveness.
    For above reasons, the country has been attracting attention to new business developments from a number of foreign companies.
    In addition, Clark Freeport Zone have attractive features compared to any other Freeport Zone which includes restaurants, residential, hotels, hospitals, schools, churches, shopping malls, and golf courses are all inside Clark. It is only 7 to 10 minutes away by car to wherever you want to go and enjoy stress-free environment for yourself and your staff who may be stationed in the area. Furthermore, Clark has its own airport which is strategically located, providing easy access to neighboring countries and convenience in import and export goods around the world.

Foreign Investment Incentives
  • Many foreign Companies are already located in more than 200 special economic zones in the Philippines.
    Application of foreign incentives depends on the type of industry and business. CPIP will support in application for both Board of Investment (BOI) and CDC / PEZA.

    • 5% tax on Gloss Income earned in lieu of local and national taxes
    • Duty Free importation of equipment and raw materials
    • Exemptions from Real Property tax
    • Free movement of finished goods within the Freeport
    • Special Visas for investors
    • Provision for 100% foreign equity on most industries